Meet the Speaker: Al Lear, IBWA

Al Lear is the Vice-President of Science and Research for the International Bottled Water Association located in Alexandria, VA. In his role as director Al serves as a staff liaison with the IBWA Technical Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee, Drinking Water Research Foundation, and related subcommittees and task forces. His 30 plus years of beverage and bottled water industry experience includes quality assurance, process control, packaging, laboratory certification and analysis, water source development, evaluation and permitting, and plant startups.


Tuesday, November 5
9:15 am – 10:15 am
Update on Microplastics Testing, Regulation, and Research (1 Technical CEU)

Session Description: This session will introduce the evolving topic of Nano and Microplastics. The webinar will explain what nano and microplastics are, provide nano and microplastic sources and occurrence, the latest regulatory outlook, and discuss possible sampling and analytical options.

Wednesday, November 6
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
CPO Program: PTRM Update and Study Session (1.25 Technical CEUs)

Session Description: This session is your one stop for all things related to the updated IBWA Plant Technical Reference Manual (PTRM) and CPO Exam. First, attendees will learn what’s new about the new PTRM! Next, let’s have some fun while challenging one another and a “plant manager” or “quality manager” in a game show format. If you have ever attended an IBWA annual meeting, you know the drill…but attend anyway as this version of the game is updated with new material from the 2023 IBWA Plant Technical Reference Manual (PTRM). Come join the fun, and maybe even learn something new!